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Lovely Activities in Devon

If you are a very active person and you like to try all sort of activities then in Devon you can definitely do this not to mention the fact that you will also enjoy some stunning landscapes. Here are some lovely activities in Devon which are excellent not only for single people but for those who children as well.

Wonderful Things to do at Castle Drogo

If you travel with the kids, then the Castle Drogo has plenty to offer in order to keep them occupied. There is a fun replica of the Bunty House where the children can open the door to play inside. Furthermore, it also has a miniature garden full of flowers. All year round you can pick up a free spotter sheet from the reception and try to identify trees and also look at the landscape as you visit the garden. You could either build a den or go bird watching at the Drogo Castle. In this place the entire family will have a great time.

Woolacombe is a Sporting Paradise

This place is certainly a sporting paradise. You can either go surfing, paragliding and even riding. On the other hand, if you just want to relax then you will absolutely love this place. You can do sunbathing, swim, or just make a sand castle. The children are also welcoming as Woolacombe is a kid-friendly location. In order to enjoy to the fullest your time spent here, you should visit Woolacombe and try any of the above activities in the summertime.

Visit the National Marine Aquarium

This Aquarium is absolutely beautiful. If you want to spend a relaxing day then you should go to this place. There are immersive events and experiences for every person. If you have an adventurous mind then you can unwind at Body Balance events and learn something truly incredible through the available lecture series.

Go for Rock Pooling

There are two beautiful coasts in Devon which are excellent for rockpooling. The Shoalstone beach is perfect for clambering rocks in order to discover tiny sea snails and crabs. We recommend the Rock Pools for all those who are quite adventurous and want to do something challenging.

Explore Interesting and Beautiful Hiking Trails

If you love walking and you want to do some physical exercise while enjoying amazing landscapes then you should visit the White Lady, the deepest gorge in the south-west. There is a spectacular waterfall as well, and the river and wildlife are truly amazing. The hiking trails from here are excellent for anyone who plans an active holiday. Some of them lead you past a few highlights including the bubbling Devil’s Cauldron.

Try Archery Lessons at the Haldon Forest Park

If you want to try this type of activity then the good news is that you can do this in Devon. T be more precise you can do it at the Haldon Forest Park in Exeter. There are a sprawling 3500 acres of woodland where you can also go mountain biking. We are sure that this place is excellent for anyone who is looking for a new adventure.

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